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01-Nov-2019 03:32

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Further, what seems an innocent post to western eyes, can actually be rather sinister (not saying that is the case with the OP).

What we have is a young migrant who says she does not feel like she "belongs" in Australia and the advice on this forum has been that you should just withdraw and stick to your own race.

I can tell you a lot of non-asian people won't even want to touch the matter (white or black), so let's just keep it civil and ignore the other side of the elephant in the room. People think the society is so progressive, but you if tried, you'll get shot down over 95% of the time due to some silly dispute about religion and so on. I would suggest building a network of Chinese Australian friends.

Usually it doesn't lead to a prosperous marriage unless you alienate your parents from both sides of the family. Just ask your parents, you'll probably find the same views. Who someone chooses as a partner has nothing to do with integration into society. Multiculturalism doesn't necessarily mean intermingling of marriage. They write this long rant but don't provide any solutions because they silently know it isn't actually a problem. In my experience, relationships that start with friendships have a better hit rate because you know more about whether you are compatible.

Seriously though, some really nice and friendly people attend Find a hobby you enjoy and join a club or two. Many of the Asian fruit and vege shops have the family working in the shop. You don't have to agree with it and that is fine but you do realise that people are all different with regard to preferences, wants and whatever makes them comfortable?

Volunteer in a cause that is close to your heart or passion, and open your mind to the fact that someone from any walk of life can understand your ‘cultural struggles’ if they care about you enough to listen. Singaporean Chinese usually stick to themselves and don't mingle. Because logical people fought long and hard to have people of different nationalities accept one another and now we are effectively saying "stick to your race and exclude others" which was precisely one of the fears of the anti-migration crowd in the 90's.

I see your post like someone coming here from the USA and saying " where can I meet American girls – I only want to date American women".

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Furthermore, not sure why everyone here is so into mixed race. Even if you really wanted, to go down that route; it's going to be a pain.A life partner and one's social circles can have different characteristics. Because the OP did mention she wanted a certain age group... You don't know the OP but assume that because she wants advice about the Chinese-Australian social scene that she is suddenly not mixing in or that she is sticking to her own people and that this has become some deeper social issue of migrants not integrating (which apparently the anti-migration people feared this would happen).I am going to be spending a lot more time and making bigger decisions with direct personal consequences with my partner rather than my friends. You are creating exaggerated outrage where there is none Boredandtired writes...Hi Whirlpoolers, you always give good advice so here goes.

Moved from Melbourne for work, enjoying scenic Sydney but struggling a bit on the dating front. I want to find "my tribe" so to speak, a place of belonging. Having said that, I don't necessarily get along with every Chinese...course we are all still individuals which is why I want to find my own tribe.You can always drop out if the group doesn't have the kind of people you're looking for. :) (seriously, if I get a dollar for everytime someone ask me "oh you are Chinese? "...............) if anything, from friends who are into martial arts, they reckon the Western people are much more into it and would respect it's history and traditions etc, young Chinese thinks that it is lame and only for old people :) Anyway, belongingishard, if you are working/studying, your colleagues and classmates would be the most obvious starting point, there are Chinese expat online forums as well, so maybe you can start making friends there? Mingle, take this opportunity to expand your circle of friends.. Maybe the OP wants to identify with her roots and people who can provide that connection to her heritage.

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