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24-May-2020 14:07

Next year, Bobbi said she plans to offer retreats to further pamper and educate her audience.

“I blend training and office hours and we meet almost every week,” she told us.

This dating coach has walked the walk in the modern dating scene and is an inspiration to countless single women over 40.

Her coaching business, Date Like a Grownup, speaks directly to the challenges and concerns faced by mature daters.

Bobbi has spent years developing programs to support, advise, and encourage singles as they search for love and fulfillment.

Today, she has decided to shift her business away from impersonal self-study programs and promote intimate group coaching programs that let single women around the world know that they’re not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them — there are just some things they don’t know yet.

The Over-40 Love School cohort includes 25 women committed to working on themselves together.

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She prompts participants to work on themselves, get clarity on what they want, and, well, date like a grownup. And it’s only for women who are willing to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes.” From learning to see their true beauty as a woman, to leaving baggage behind, understanding the difference between dating men versus boys, Bobbi’s step-by-step process has positively influenced women from all walks of life.

She hated having to make bold claims to women she didn’t know and would never meet.

She felt there had to be a way to sell coaching services with integrity and authenticity.

My favorite part is the personal connection that develops. I want to be able to cheer for them, and (figuratively) give them lots of giant hugs, and the respect they deserve.” As a dating coach, Bobbi has to choose how to deliver her message to single women everywhere. For 10 years, her clients have gotten excellent results, but it’s expensive and limits her audience to just a few women.

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Does she produce dozens of self-study and DIY programs? She could only communicate in broad terms and hope the client could work out the specifics for themselves. Finally, Bobbi landed on intimate group coaching as the best way to reach as many women as possible with affordable and powerful dating advice and support.“This provides the personal attention they need, feeds me with the personal connection I need, and of course adds the benefit of collaborating and learning from like-minded women.” When Bobbi got started in the dating industry, she was one of a handful of dating coaches. She told us that’s great news for singles, but tougher for those wanting to build a business that serves them.

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