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The only day she was happy was on Thursdays, when she had her "special" telephone hour at night that Adam was not to interrupt.Adam often wondered whom she would be calling, as she had no friends, and they had no living relatives, as his father had told him before.Adam tells him he will stay at a motel in Belton Falls that he once stayed in with his family, and he lies that he is visiting his father in a hospital.Brint brings up the name Paul Delmonte, whom Adam does not know.As Adam pedals along the road, he sings the children's song "The Farmer in the Dell," which was the Farmer family theme song.Adam's fears are realized and he is confronted by a ferocious German shepherd at the bottom of a hill, but he manages to ride past it.Adam lied to Amy that they only lived in Rawlings for a few months, but he became more curious about his family's past.

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His father suddenly led Adam on an alternate route through the woods, where father and a vicious dog fought.

He is not sure who he is, but knows that he is an important clue. Adam asks if he is the gray man, and says that when he was brought up earlier, he was bluffing when he told Brint he did not want to talk about Paul. A kindly old man and his paranoid wife help Adam out of the ditch and give him a lift to a town near Belton Falls.

Adam tells Brint he remembers who the gray man is now.

His father, unbeknownst to him, saw him, and later Adam spied on his parents as they discuss Adam's growing suspicions.

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With Brint, Adam says that his father told him his real name was Paul Delmonte that that Adam Farmer was a fabrication.

He was someone his father called Grey, who was always there in their lives, but seemed like he was invisible, which is why Adam called him the "gray man." Grey came to their house once or twice a month, on Saturdays, to talk with his father in the cellar.

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