Aaron and gui gui dating

06-Aug-2020 11:06

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but you cant scold her sluts at least in this blog!

instead of hating her reply she(Sheryln) is so cute that no one can resist her right?

please come to Malaysia or even better Singapore , Sheryln's hometownreply thanks for saying the concert was great!

if got any information i will post it straight away okay?

Yawen Lover: i am SO glad that Gui Gui fans like Sheryln!

hahax IRO: bye Ya Wen Lover * flying kiss*reply never give me!

seee yaaaaa next timereply i am going to see you later what?!

i am imgaine how suprised you are reply -.-" IRO: GOT TO GO! if is something bad about Gui Gui if you really need to shout it out, if do so at the Fans Club not at this blog okay?

we are going back to Signapore on 24 December to celebrate Christmas with Zi Yang. she kept reminding me that i owe her X-box 360 and wii.hahas.

) because i am leaving my home once more, where i belonged to. ) flying back to my second home, where i found my love and friends.

this link is not in this blog but in Ya Wen Fans Club there!

: D : D Gui Gui Bai Chi: YAWEN IS BETTER THAN GUILUN x10(s) timesreply awwww i am SO SO touched Gui Gui Hater: sorry!

but my heart only got Sheryln so i need to reject her! if you really want to scold go Fans Club there scold! wow wow wow lols okie guys this is freaking coincidence?

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