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03-Nov-2020 20:35


the new dating game

(Today, I joke that I suffer from something called “Reverse Body Dysmorphic Disorder”—a condition afflicting people who think they look better than they actually do.

This became evident a few years ago, when I walked up Lexington Avenue and checked out my reflection in a storefront windowpane.

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Three years ago, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) began actively recruiting young adults, speaking on college campuses and offering student memberships.

Why It’s Hot: This is also a really good position for guys who are nervous about having a MMF threesome, since the guys won’t be able to see each other nearly as well as in the standard High Five, and aren't touching much.

Why It’s Hot: In this position, you’ll all get to share the same experience of giving and receiving.

It’s great for people who enjoy oral more than intercourse.

How To Do It: All three people perform oral on each other.

They all lay on the same side of their bodies, and contort so that they form a circle together.Now, onto today's topic: the hottest sex positions for male-male-female threesomes.